Synchronicity System™

Every Day - Advance

Synchronicity – Your New Coaching Tool

in your pocket and on-line

Synchronicity™ works for the rider and their horse to develop their partnership every day – at the right level for both at that time.

The rider is empowered to learn and to teach and thus lead the training of the horse/rider partnership.

Powerful mathematics is at work reporting on consistency and rhythm in the rein contact data sent from miniature sensors during short (around 30 seconds) sessions of riding in Walk, Trot or Canter.

A smartphone application (Android or iPhone) collects data by Bluetooth from the Synchronicity™ System and data can then be uploaded to a personal space in the Cloud. There, riders can plot their progress, analyze training needs and rank their riding with others.

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Enjoy our video on the easy fitting and use of Synchronicity accompanied by Bensound with their relaxing soundtrack “Memories”