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What is free and what do I pay for?

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  • The app is FREE to download to your phone
  • The Track My Hack part is FREE to use just using your mobile phone. What you get is a map showing where you’ve ridden and the time and distance it has covered. If you want to let your friends know about it you can upload the map and data to Facebook
  • To start collecting scores on your riding partnership quality you will use the Rate My Ride function. You need access to a Synchronicity System for that.
  • The scores you get for each short ‘ride’ (30 seconds or so in each gait you want to analyse) are FREE!
  • That means that you can simply use those scores to discover whether you are making changes that are improving your partnership – ALL FREE!
  • Those scores are uploaded to The Stables where you will find them in your account. If your phone has location services activated and the satellites have been able to track you you’ll also get a rough idea of the riding patterns you performed to get each score (circle, figure of eight etc.)


  • Now, Avansce is providing contact quality assessment services and we charge a fair and reasonable amount for these. But remember, there is no obligation.
  • Whether, or how, you want to pay for these services depends upon your interest in the details these give you and your frequency of use of the services. Here’s a screen shot of a complete ride analysis – remember that you will have got the score of 8.13 for FREE but you won’t know how this was arrived at:


Patented algorithms give scores out of 10 for each of the 4 SYNCHRONICITY SKILLS – Rhythm, Consistency, Contact (weight) and (Left/Right weight) Balance

With subscriptions every ride score recorded will be broken out into Rhythm, Consistency, Contact (weight in the reins) and Left/Right Balance showing where the score has suffered the most. This data will be available immediately on the phone app and also on The Stables portal where a full record of training can be reviewed. Coaches can also view the ride data of riders who are members of a Centre the coach has created and where the rider has taken out a subscription or paid per session (see below).


  • First you  might want to take out an ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION for £110 –  This might be of interest for a Centre owner who trains many students and who wants to provide full analysis to all of them without them having to use their own accounts. The riders can use their coaches phone app to collect the data and the coach would then inform their clients of the breakdown marks obtained. However, to avoid getting training data mixed up together, riders can build up an individual record of training on their own accounts by taking out their own annual subscription –  it’s the best value for money and the most convenient method.


  • Next, you  might be someone who wants to train intensively over short periods and keep your data separately from others. You might take out a MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION for £11 per month. Full analysis for all scores during each month will be provided. Coaches at Avansce-Accredited Training Centres or those providing coaching through Sync-Share Centres through The Stables portal will be able view the ride analysis details of all riders with subscriptions who are members of their centre. In this way they can provide advice on progress in particular areas and riders would have their own record of progress to view in their own account.


  • The most flexible option – You choose which of your ride sessions you want to unlock. Remember, you get a score for every ride in a session FREE but you’ll need to unlock the session to see how those scores break down into your four Synchronicity Skills. We recommend that a single session should include 3 rides minimum to get value for money – but some phones will take a couple of minutes to finish calculating longer sessions than this.

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