Avansce is an equestrian technology company with an emphasis on developing a more effective partnership between horse and rider. The technology solutions serve the everyday needs of riders and their coaches and have been developed by scientists and engineers with considerable experience of coaching and riding.

Avansce has a mission: “To accelerate and develop the equestrian’s skills without compromising on the welfare of the horse”

In following its mission, Avansce has developed a Rein Contact Coaching system called the Synchronicity SystemTM. The word “Synchronicity” has connotations of “being together”, or, “being in-step”. Its hardware and software reveals this quality of partnership through the contact between the rider’s hands and the horse’s mouth.

The system streams data from the rhythmical forces in the reins to a smartphone.  This streamed data have varying degrees of stability, showing smooth rhythmical patterns when there is a high degree of coordination between the horse and rider. The algorithms converting this data into simple scores out of 10 are mathematically exact representations of the degree of perfection in the contact. The coach and rider can then both refer to a reliable measure of progression.

The Synchronicity product comprises equipment for the rider’s saddlery and bridlework as well as mobile and cloud-based apps. The full product provides a rein contact coaching tool and rider management system for equestrian professional coaches and national equestrian organisations where public funding of rider coaching must satisfy the requirements of the stakeholders.

Patent publication number: WO2018015347